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Our Goal
Blippy Games is an independent software company, dedicated to producing captivating, high quality computer games for all ages. Our team is made up of professional programmers and artists who love making great games.

Company History
Blippy Games was started in 2004.

Our first game, LexiCastle, was released in December 2004, and rapidly gained popularity among word-puzzle enthusiasts seeking a more challenging, open-ended word game, along the lines of Scrabble, or Master Boggle. LexiCastle was immediately picked up by several major game retailers and distributors, and by February, 2005, had sold in over one dozen countries.

A few months later, Blippy Games released Leemo, a unique game of numbers, combining colorful illustrations, peppy music, and fluid animations. The star character of the game is Leemo, a playful, wiley lemur from Madagascar. Riding on the popularity of LexiCastle, Leemo was an instant hit, and the combined sales of the two games fund the development of our next big hit, scheduled for release this Autumn.

The steady growth of Blippy Games is due to our high standards, our commitment to producing truly entertaining games, and the loyality of our customers.

We hope you enjoy our games as much as we enjoy making them!

Welcome to Blippy Games!

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